Want us to come to you? GREAT COURSES, LOW COST

Bring quality continuing education to your staff. QUEST will bring its nationally-renowned workshops to your facility for a very affordable flat-fee.

QUEST will provide the speaker and you will be responsible for providing the learning environment for your staff.

You can choose the course topic from our list below, amount of hours of instruction (either 6 or 10 hours), and the course date.

  • The Hip Bone’s Connected to…Everything!
  • Shoulder Solutions
  • Building Bone and Balance with Tai Chi
  • Tai Chi for Rehabilitation

For a complete course description, objectives, and outline/schedule, email Trudy@questseminars.com. Tell us what course(s) you are interested in and if you want the 6 or 10 hour class. (The 10 hour classes obviously have a lot more course content and lab time.)

Sounds good so far, but what does it cost?
# of Attendees 6 hour class 10 hour class
1 - 5 $ 1,000 $ 1,500
6 - 13 $ 1,250 $ 1,900
14 - 24 $ 1,800 $ 2,850
What else do you have to pay for?

Your facility will also be responsible for reasonable travel expenses for the speaker. In general, these include car mileage or air travel, hotel costs, and meals for the speaker. Before you agree to anything, all costs will be calculated and locked in.

Can you cancel, even if you’ve signed a contract? Yes, with no penalty!

BUT you might have to pay for an expense, such as airline tickets, that has already been purchased.

If you have more questions, just email Trudy@questseminars.com or call QUEST at 781-273-4978. We’d love to discuss this with you.